10 Communications Objectives of Social Media

telephone game Douglas Walker has an interesting post where he wants to talk about metrics for social media. That’s great, and I encourage you to go over there and dig in and discuss that, but I have a question for you, for my own understanding. (Remember that I’m a technologist and not a marketer, so I sometimes come at this from a different direction.)

Walker says these are the 10 communications objectives for using social media (in a marketing sense):

  1. Generate awareness.
  2. Drive Trial.
  3. Product Launch.
  4. Establish Need/Want
  5. Product/Service Comparison.
  6. Positive Association.
  7. Form/Change Opinion.
  8. Influence the Influencers.
  9. Drive Action/Traffic.
  10. Establish/Regain Trust.

Now, maybe this language mirrors Marketing/Communications 101, and because I’m a technologist by trade, I just haven’t heard this. But if not, I found the list an interesting model/framework around which to contemplate the execution of social media marketing. I’m thinking there’s one missing to the tune of something like “community good will” or the like, or whatever one might call it when you’re not trying to sell, but instead are just proving that you’re a contributing human.

And that’s my question to you: do those 10 goals/objectives make sense for how you’re using social media?

I think it’s an interesting and worthwhile list. And like I said, go to Douglas’s site and comment on the measurement aspects, for those of you who are into measuring.

What’s your thoughts on those goals, though?

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