100 Words for Snow

snowman We hear things hundreds of times before they stick in. There was nothing new in little victories, but you reacted to it because you needed the message, and because you heard it said to you in a new way, with different, easy-to-chew words.

There’s a lot of that in self-improvement, in motivation, in marketing.

We say similar things a different way, working away at what’s inside you. When I think about you, and all the confidence hiding below your surface waiting to be pulled forth, I think about what we could accomplish if it were coaxed out. You’re confident in some things, and very uncomfortable with others. Imagine if more of what came out was the confidence, the conviction, the passion (which I recently heard described as the intersection of anger and love).

People say that I write about business the way others write about relationships. That’s because business is relationships. That’s how I see it. Who do you deal with? People. Who do you sit around with all day in office buildings? People. Everything you’re doing in your nonprofit to raise more funds, to get more awareness, to build a following is human-based.

We’re all looking for ways to sink the meanings in deeper. We’re all looking for tools to equip us. You came here for that today. You come here for that all the time. You trust me to say something that will spark an idea, and you will then take that idea and make some value of it. I shared with you the difference between recipe and restaurant, and maybe you got value from thinking of how you process (and then APPLY/EXECUTE the information).

But it’s all 100 words for snow, and we’re all talking about talking, and that’s how it’s supposed to be, and you saying “that’s nothing I haven’t heard before” means that the universe is saying back to you, “Yeah, but did you DO anything with it?”

Photo credit kevindooley

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