1000 True Fans

This past weekend, I had the privilege to attend and keynote the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. I spoke to a crowd of 1000 people that Chris Guillebeau and J.D. Roth had assembled for their event. Both gentlemen have a much larger overall following, but what I was witnessing, it felt, was Kevin Kelly’s famous 1000 true fans in living color.

1000 True Fans

This event is a must-attend event, if you are someone seeking to build a business of your own, especially if you’re seeking an uncompromising solopreneur lifestyle. Guillebeau and Roth attract all kinds of people who seek to live life on their terms and build business that meets their needs, interests, and criteria. And the attendees were every bit as powerful as the folks on stage. Take, for instance, the fact that this is the first conference that C.C. Chapman has paid to attend in years. I feel the same way. Jacq and I will go next year, no matter what.

The speakers reflected this, too. Jacqueline and I had a chance to talk with one of Jacq’s favorites, Danielle LaPorte, who certainly fits right into this tribe’s mindset.

It was just a very well curated, well-produced, well-attended, and passion-filled event. I’m writing this post solely to encourage you to get on the mailing list at the event’s website, so you might have a chance to get a ticket for next year. They sold out in minutes for the 2012 show.

Watching Magic

Oh, and one more thing. Some anonymous contributor (an attendee from the previous year) helped add to the profits that the event made. But Chris and J.D. didn’t bank these profits (I would have!). They put $100,000 into 1000 envelopes and handed everyone in the crowd who paid to attend $100 as an investment in them. Why? Because Chris is the author of the freakishly bestselling The $100 Startup (affiliate link), and of course, this is the perfect way to symbolize his (and J.D.’s) commitment to this tribe.

Watching 1000 people get an envelope with $100 with which to start a new dream was a touching and powerful gesture. I was truly blown away. Sure, $100 isn’t much, but have you ever attended a conference where that’s happened? Not me. And it won’t ever happen at mine, so to me, it was totally beautiful.

Hats off to Chris and JD and the over 80 volunteers and others who helped put together an amazing event. Put this on your calendar. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

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