11 Free Resources About Creativity

Llyod Dangle at USC Creativity & Collaboration

Want some ideas about creativity? I found some files and ebooks that might be of value to you. Note: these are all PDF files.

How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity. (updated because the old article crashed.)

Creativity – Its Place in Education.

EyeWire Creativity Cards.

The Nature of Creativity.

From Creative Economy to Creative Society.

The Impact of Culture on Creativity.

Harnessing Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace.

Creativity and Personality.

Creativity Management – the New Challenge for BPM.

Creativity and Innovation in Europe.

Having Fun at Work.

The other creative thing, I should mention, is that this took me about 20 minutes of searching and then proofing the articles to ensure that they’re what I was searching for, and compiling them into a useful list for people interested in learning more about creativity. The tools we have at our disposal today allow us to curate useful information for our communities, which saves time, and adds another potential layer of value.

What’s your take? What values are you adding to your community by helping them curate and find the good stuff? How are you helping your community grow with this information?

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