ooVoo to sponsor 20 Students for PodCamp Boston

Greg Verdino The swell folks at ooVoo came up with a neat way to show love and support for students who want to go to PodCamp Boston 3, but who maybe don’t have the $50 to reserve a seat at the table. I think it’s a really cool community move on the side of ooVoo, and I think it’ll be great to infuse PodCamp Boston 3 with even more students.

There are a few stipulations and things to know about.

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Bonjour Montreal

mitch joel Mitch Joel, superstar of digital marketing and public speaker we all aspire to be, has written me into his 7 blogs you must read article. I have to say that I love my neighbors: Seth Godin, GrokDotCom, Guy Kawasaki, Read Write Web, TechCrunch, and Jeremiah Owyang. I didn’t really know the Grok guys, so they’re going into Google Reader for my regular reads. So here I am learning something from Mitch, yet again.

Je ne parle pas bien, et pardonnez moi pour mon francais mal.

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Ten Secrets to Better Blogging

10There’s lots of information and advice hidden in the archives of this site, and I admit that it’s not especially easy to find it all. To that end, I’m going to put up a series of posts from time to time where I’ll give you links to 10 of my posts about a topic that might be of use to you. Today’s topic: blogging. Let me know if this is helpful. In reading through these posts a bit, it’s funny how I sometimes echo themes, repeat advice, etc. But I believe repetition is a good teacher. Plus, I’m forgetful. It’s a perfect mix.

10 Secrets To Better Blogging

10 Blogging Tips – So tiny, you can fit it on a 3×5 card, and yet, I think it’s useful.

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AideRSS Takes a Stab At Measuring Engagement

Interesting post from AideRSS‘s community manager Melanie Baker about how blogs measure engagement. I was ranked #1, and for that, I’m grateful, but I’m still working out the logic and thinking about what she had to say. Melanie’s right, though. Bloggers love metrics. Why? Because most of us don’t get paid to write. We do it for love and the desire to connect. Metrics tell us whether we’re connecting.

Anyhow, the findings are interesting, and I think worth checking out.

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Is Your Blog For Rent

house for rent Great story at Trendspotting (and I’m sorry that I forget who sent me this) about Coke trying to work with 9 bloggers in Brazil about a product rollout, where they sent the bloggers some of the new Coke, designed special front page replacements for their blogs, and summarily got lots of negative coverage for creating what the news media called “rent-a-bloggers.”

Blogging and social media are a great set of tools for promoting products and services by the digital version of word of mouth, but it’s a tricky situation. There are lots of opportunities to raise the ire of your community, and lots of ways that the marketer’s campaign could backfire.

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Social Media Does Not Replace Marketing Strategy

crowd In yet another moment of informational threading, here’s a post by Dan Kennedy about hyper productive markets. Kennedy points out that knowing your rough sales target is one thing, but knowing the most productive and yielding part of the whole bunch is worth so much more.

Thread this together with Robert Middleton’s post about a karate model for marketing. There’s a lot to it, but the key point was something he took out of another presentation he’d seen, and that was this:

1. You first have to get your clients and customers to consume what you’ve already sold them.
2. You need to offer new services in progressively more complex stages if you are going to truly serve them.

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What Social Media Does Best

office workers If you’re still looking for the best ways to explain to senior management or your team or your coworkers or your spouse what it is that social media does, why it’s different than the old way people used to use computers and the web, why people are giving two hoots about it, here are some thoughts to start out the conversation. I look at this mostly from a business perspective, but I suspect you’ll find these apply to nonprofits and other organizations as well. Further, as I’m fond of saying, social media isn’t relegated to the marketing and PR teams. It’s a bunch of tools that can be used throughout businesses, in different forms. Think on this.

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You Need to Be Easy

Business Card I’m perpetually baffled when I see websites that don’t give me a sense of the human being behind them. I receive business cards by the ton at conferences, and I’m surprised when they don’t offer a great deal of value per square inch of paper. In fact, my own personal business cards don’t offer enough value, so they will be replaced eventually. People of Earth: make it easy for others to reach you and communicate with you.

About Pages

On your About page on your website, have a blurb about the company, if you have to, but then follow it up with a human, preferably with a picture. For every “we” site, you now need a “me” person on the site. Why? Because we do business with PEOPLE, not with corporations. The corporations give us branding and other legal constructs, but we buy from humans.

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