2012 Plans

Come learn more about my 2012 plans Over the last several years, I have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest companies in the world, as well as with some of the most intriguing and forward-thinking individuals. I’ve learned what challenges small business owners face, and I’ve worked hard to understand what is coming next, and how I might be helpful to others. I’ve looked at it all from many different angles, and have decided what I intend to do for 2012 with regards to being helpful to others.

My biggest change is that I’m no longer launching a gazillion projects all over creation. Though you’ll see a handful of ways I’m working in 2012, you’ll note that they all focus on delivering information of value that I hope you can use. That won’t change.


My website has been with me in some form or another since 1998 (my earliest renditions of the site have long since been lost to the collapse of Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod, and other places I dumped my journaling thoughts before discovering Blogger, and then WordPress). I intend to continue sharing with you useful information about those things that interest me and that might help you find value. For those of you who have read the site for some time, the core topics shift, but the way I deliver the information only improves – I should hope. So, if you like it here, stay here. I’m grateful for the community you bring here.

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Human Business Works

We have relaunched Human Business Works as a media and education company dedicated to helping businesses amplify the human digital channel. We focus on the “customer acquisition” and “community nurturing” portions of the sales process, and we partner with companies or their agencies to either deliver customized education in person, offer online training, provide consulting services, or help with content projects. I’ve put together quite an interesting bunch of partners who can deliver on many aspects of marketing, including affiliate, email, mobile, content, experience, social, and more, as well as specialists in website design and technology. We don’t work as an agency, but rather consult to both the business side as well as the agency side in ways to deliver results around metrics that mean something. If this is appealing, contact us to learn more.

Professional Speaking

I’ve been speaking professionally at public and corporate events since 2006. In 2012, I’ll be focusing more often than not on creating customized experiences for my clients around these topics and others, such as Google+ for Business. As my style has evolved, I’m working hard in 2012 to deliver actionable speeches with clear and useful takeaways that will allow someone to go from the “yes!” experience of hearing a speech to the “okay, and now I’ll do this” part that must come after learning new things. If this appeals, please consider booking me to speak.

A New Video Show

I’m still very excited to being doing Kitchen Table Talks on The Pulse Network with Joe Sorge. Every Tuesday, we have a blast bringing people small business advice and amazing guests. That show is a pleasure to do, and I’m lucky to still co-host it with Joe.

In 2012, I am launching Shhh! The Secret Business Show, a weekly show with a different take on business, where I’ll be sharing actionable ideas from how to implement the Human Business Way, to interesting products and services I come across, to other things you can use to amplify the human digital channel for your business. Why a second show? Consider Shhh! The Secret Business Show to be the offbeat quirky cousin to what I’ve already been able to accomplish with Joe at Kitchen Table Talks, only with the focus being a lot more tied to what I’m doing at Human Business Works to help brands connect with that human digital channel. If you’re a business looking to reach an educated community of professional women and men in the 30-65 age range (primarily), contact us here to talk about sponsorship/partnership opportunities. Oh, and this show doesn’t exist. Don’t act like it does.

Books and Magazines

Besides Google+ for Business, I’ve got a new book coming out mid-2012 with Julien Smith. I can’t tell you the title yet (still finishing off the writing), but in some ways, it’s a sequel to Trust Agents, and in other ways, it’s a lot of lessons learned by Julien and I since that book came out. Julien also has a book coming out, but visit his site to stay on top of that.

Magazine wise, I’m writing for Entrepreneur, Success magazine, and Meeting Professionals International on different topics, but more and more, it will come into alignment with what I’ve been talking about up top. Since figuring out what I believe are the five core principles of what makes the new “human” digital channel tick, I’m really working hard to help spread the message on how to better serve one’s customers, and how to make relationship-minded business profitable.

And That’s It

Tucked into the details of all this information are pieces like the fact that I’m still working with The Pulse Network to extend their solutions to potential partners. You will still see me working with Brian Clark and everyone else at Third Tribe to give my perspective to the creative people redefining online marketing. And I’ll be working with companies to offer great opportunities that you’ll consider useful and of value to what you’re doing in business. That’s all in there.

So, those are my 2012 plans. Do you have any questions? Want to share YOUR 2012 plans? What else can I answer?

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