My Big 2013 Speaking Offer

Chris Brogan

As often happens, I find myself with the opportunity to make it just a bit easier to book me to speak, and have I got an offer for you! Should you be thinking about having me come speak at your event in 2013, this is without question the absolute best offer (and maybe the only offer) that you’ll get in the way of a price break for the entire 2012-2013 season.

Want the deal in one tiny sentence?

Get me for 50% off if you buy 300 books before Oct 24th 2012!

That’s the nutshell. Now, read on.

My Best Topic Ever

The topic I’m speaking on mostly in 2013 is The Impact Equation (based on my book with Julien Smith). Here’s the description for that:

The Impact Equation

You were told to “just get on the social networks” and you’d be successful. Start a Facebook page and you can just start cashing checks. But that didn’t happen. Why not? Because you didn’t have enough information, and you had too many conflicting goals.

The Impact Equation is a simple formula for a complex challenge: getting a unique idea seen by a platform of value, and having that idea be cared about (and responded to) by a community that matters. If you’re selling, this is the new digital method (based on thousands of years of offline behavior). If you’re promoting, here’s how you rise above the noise.

Starting from the big ideas and moving down to actionable “recipe cards” for success, Chris Brogan will share with you the steps you need to deliver with impact.

Sound Interesting?

The Offer

Okay, here’s the deal. This offer will be limited to the FIRST TEN PEOPLE who do the following:

  • Purchase 300 copies of The Impact Equation BEFORE October 24th, 2012 (5pm ET) and show the receipt.
  • Pay only 50% of my speaking rate for this specific and special offer ONLY.
  • Book the speech with Ron Hood, my Special Projects Coordinator, via the form below to be conducted by me between Q4 2012 and through the end of 2013.
  • Be prepared to have a wonderful and exciting event.

Here’s the form. (If you can’t see something, it’s not exactly mobile friendly. You might have to run to the laptop.)

If you’re not sure about me as a speaker, check out my speaking page and look at the testimonials, sample videos, and a very incomplete list of places I’ve keynoted.

This is the biggest (only?) offer like this I’ll have for the next 14 or more months. If you’re thinking about it, please think fast. You have about 8 days to order the 300 books that are required as part of the deal. The fee comes just a bit later, but Ron will talk with you about how that works.



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