2.24 miles in 25 minutes.

Ran 25 minutes, alternating 3 minutes of running with 2 minutes of brisk jogging. According to the pedometer, that’s only 2.24 miles. I imagine when I get up to the running 5 and walking 1 in week 10, that’s when I’ll be completing a 5K every run.

I feel good. My heart rate got into the 170s a couple times, but on the hills, where that would be expected. I did most of the run on grass and that felt great. When I did my last 5 minutes on sidewalk, it was much more difficult. I have to remember when I get up towards the race week, I should run road the whole time.

For my last three minutes of running, I flat out sprinted. Oddly, my heart rate didn’t go above 160, which is my normal running rate at present.

I imagine this journal is somewhat uninteresting to people not doing fitness. But you’ve gotta keep remembering: I’m a fat guy who started at 290 pounds, who lost 50, and who is now gearing up to run a race for the first time in his life, at the age of 34. Makes it a *little* more interesting, right?

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