27 Tweets to Annoy Geeks and Nerds

Photo on 10-6-13 at 1.17 PM

Want to really upset some nerdy types? Use any of these tweets on them (it’s totally okay if NONE of this makes sense to you – just try it!). And if few or none of these seem wrong to you, well, that okay, too. Points if you get each of the references.

  1. Hal Jordan wasn’t the original Green Arrow, you know!
  2. I don’t care what anyone says. Capt. Mal Reynolds was the best captain in Star Fleet.
  3. Everyone knows Bantha walk side by side to overstate their numbers.
  4. Spider-man’s mutant healing powers get messed up by Kryptonite. Duh!
  5. Little known fact: Frank Zappa voiced and controlled the Yoda puppet in Star Wars.
  6. Did you know the Simpsons first appeared as a short on Modern Family?
  7. Harry Potter was the most famous hobbit of them all, after Frodo.
  8. In Catching Fire, Kitty Pryde has to go back to fight again in District 9.
  9. They never did explain why Chewbacca was the only tall ewok.
  10. Did you know if you start The Wizard of Oz and play Pearl Jam’s 10, they line up perfectly?
  11. The only original Transformer not to be cast in the Michael Bay movie was Gollum.
  12. Though Mark Ruffalo did a good job in the Avengers, it would’ve been cool to see Lou Diamond Phillips again.
  13. I think we’re all adjusting to the news of Ben Kingsley as the new Batman, right?
  14. Some people actually believe that Captain Kirk was the first Jedi and not Captain Pike. Psssh.
  15. I like Team Jacob better because I’m not into zombies.
  16. I love how Stan Lee gets a cameo in every DC movie.
  17. Jar Jar was the best thing that ever happened to Star Trek.
  18. If Han Solo and Leia were brother and sister, why didn’t Voldemort seem to know that?
  19. Stormtroopers were way better robots than the Daleks. Duh!
  20. As Sylar would say on Star Wars, “Live long and proper.”
  21. You keep using that word. I think you know what I’m trying to say.
  22. The only GI Joe character they stayed accurate to in the film was Snake Plissken.
  23. “Come with me, if you want to live.” – ED209 from Independence Day.
  24. We need to achieve a speed of 88.1 miles per hour to go through the Stargate.
  25. As Indiana Jones would say, “Never tell me the odds.”
  26. Thor was one of the cooler Greek gods, so I’m glad they made two movies with him.
  27. It’s cool how Jack Ryan is in that new Ender’s Game movie.

A “regular” post will appear in the next day or so. So long and thanks for all the towels. Maybe I’m overtired. :)

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