The Three Book Diet is Upon Us

Since I was 5, I wanted to be an author. Today is day one of the Three Book Diet that I’ve been mentioning for a while. I want to recap. But then I want to go into what will make this a useful and interesting experience for you.

The Plan

  • Select three books as the only books (outside of school work or otherwise “assigned” work) that you will read for an entire year (from November 1, 2012 until November 1, 2013).
  • Pick whatever kind of book you like, though lots of us are choosing based on areas of our life that the book represents in some way.
  • Read the book and choose to study and absorb the materials within. Apply them to your life or business or whatever as you go along.
  • Commit to the idea of actually implementing and using what you read in a book instead of flitting from one book to the next.
  • Go for depth of study and practice instead of breadth. For a year.

The Goal

The intent is simple: through deep practice and repeated interaction with only three books, learn more about yourself, your goals, your visions and dreams, and apply more of these books’ learning to your own life so that you can forge your own experience and thus grow. This is a clear and simple decision. Are you going to read a lot of books and absorb precious little, or would it be interesting to commit to three books only for an entire year and see if the process is different and in what ways.

A Strong Recommendation

Keep a journal of some kind. It can be paper. It can be something online like Evernote or Day One or whatever. In my case, I just used an abandoned blog for my scratch notebook for keeping track of the #3BD insights. It’s for me. I’m sharing it because I want to model how this process might work. It’s just my own way.

In this journal, write reflections from the books you’re reading, but also ideas about the process, thoughts that come to mind about sticking to only three books, and anything else you think might be useful. Again, if you have some of these thoughts in private, that makes sense. I’m sharing SOME of my thoughts via the scratch blog because I have the extra duty of modeling the assignment. Make sense?

It’s Not for Everyone

I’ve heard mounds of reasons why you can’t do this. It’s fine. It’s not for everyone. You have your reasons. Don’t worry about it. There are many other fun things we’re doing together over the year.

For those of you who are down, share your posts and links to where we can see what you’ve chosen in the comments below (NOTE: it takes a while for me to clear/approve URLs , so just understand that. Don’t post three or four times.) Also, on Twitter, use the hashtag #3bd to see what others are talking about. Further, I’m quite flattered that several people have mentioned using The Impact Equation as one of your three books for the year. Though I can’t recommend it, because I’m not sure how it’ll hold up for an entire year, I’m absolutely flattered. I’ll help wherever I can, if questions arise.

That’s it. Are you in? Today is day one.

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