5K Fun Run: 33:32

I ran a 5K tonight and did much better than my last one at the end of may. I ran 33:32. The last 5K was a trail run, though, so it’s not like they equate.

In the “not as good” categories, I accidentally did a 9:20 first mile. I ran at 90% heart rate or more for most of the race (heat, pace). I finished dead last out of 30.

That said, I’m not *really* racing other people. I’m racing myself. I beat my last 5K time by 1:23, which is a fairly good chunk of time. And I’m learning that the 5K distance seems to be where my fitness comfort level STARTS. I get this great second wind just around 30 minutes, and I feel like a 10K distance (more?) might be more my speed. Not sure, though. Wishful thinking?

Anyhow, I feel great. It was a good run. People were friendly enough, though there were definitely some snobby gazelles mixed in, too. Yeah, whateva’.

Worth checking out their weekly fun runs, though.


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