5K in 30:34

It was in the high 70’s, but with 100% humidity, it felt even hotter. This 5K starts off up a fairly steep hill, so I got my heart rate right up into 91% almost immediately thanks to keeping a decent pace going. But what the hell. It’s race day on the 4th.

I ran 9 minute miles the whole way. There were walking breaks here and there, and because the place was so well stocked, I had cold water at every aid station. Even the local fire department contributed, with a hose/fan combination that blew chilly spray at us. When I booted down the final 400 meters, I really enjoyed the loud music and as I got near the finish, the crowd’s cheers were DEAFENING… and then I realized the cheers were built into the music. Whatever, because I still felt energized.

I sprinted over the line at just around 30:34. I have to admit that I didn’t see it myself this time, so that number might be off slightly, but last time I looked up, that’s where I was.

Great race, and I was crewed by Kat and my daughter. My folks came out to see their son race, and my coworker was there to run, too. He had a personal best at 19 minutes.

Swell time.


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