7 Days To Win 25000 Dollars

Caught I’m shooting video later today, but for now: HURRY UP! There’s only 7 days left to WIN $25,000.00 from Jeff Pulver from the Network2 Contest

You don’t need a pre-existing Internet TV show! Throw yours up on YouTube or Blip.

Your ideas are as good as other people’s. The entries we have so far are good, and any one of you could’ve done it.

The theme is “How to Watch Internet TV,” including mentioning in some way or another Network2.tv .

You have a REALLY GOOD CHANCE of winning. The odds are way less than 1 in 100.

$25,000.00 US first prize, $10,000.00 second, $5,000.00 third. Hell, THIRD PRIZE is even pretty good, right?

Okay, if you’re still not looking for practically FREE cash, I can’t help you. I’ll be over here finding ways to “fence” an entry. : )

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