8 Marketing Bloggers to Watch in 2009

8 Making a list of any kind is deadly. You miss people. You upset people. You exclude people. Lists are downright dangerous. And yet, I want to show you 8 bloggers that you should be reading, if you’re not already. How about this: if you think your blog or someone you admire is should be on the radar for 2009, feel free to add a link to it in the comments. (Please note that doing so will probably raise the dander of my spam filter, so I’ll have to fish you out most likely). Fair?

Oh, and if you don’t like my list, make your own. Link back here and people will find it and see what you you think. That would be fun.

8 Bloggers to Watch in 2009

**Update: Marshall Kirkpatrick, superstar from ReadWriteWeb, made a nifty OPML file if you want to subscribe to these guys all in one whack.** Thanks, Marshall!

Social Media Explorer – Jason Falls is not only an advertising guy, but a pioneer. His work in 2008, including tweeting a race for a company are the kinds of things that you can expect from him. Jason is quite the thinker. He raced into the public eye in 2008, but I think his best work is still ahead of him. Stay tuned.

Conversation Agent – Valeria Maltoni has been knocking the cover off the ball for a while over on her blog, but still, I feel she’s undervalued. Her work is consistent, has strong strategy elements, and leads one to think about execution. I recommend her work highly, and if you’re not on board yet, get there.

Feeds – Jennifer Leggio writes about social media for Ziff Davis. I think her writing has been solid all year long, and I expect even more quality posts in 2009. It’s frankly one of two blogs I still read over at Ziff. She’s a great writer, and delivers balanced thinking and ideas.

Danny Brown – Danny has roared up out of nowhere. His blog is a consistent read, and the quality is improving every day. I find myself gnawing on his posts and deciding how they might impact things. For 2009, I hope Danny turns that insight out and away from the social media crowd and starts exploring his thoughts on various verticals. I think he has the chops to deliver good stuff in those areas.

Very Official Blog – Shannon Paul makes great pieces that help me better understand the hybrid mindset from traditional PR and marketing into the new stuff. Her perspective and sense of humor bring me a lot of happiness each time she posts. Keep an eye on this one. She’s a force of nature.

Take Me To Your Leader – First off, if I owned this domain, I’d cherish it. Freddie Laker’s who I know from this little outfit, and he spoke at this year’s New Marketing Summit, which is where I got a glimpse into Freddie’s style. I hope to see more deconstruction and analysis in 2009. I’m watching you, Laker.

Technotheory – not only is Jared Goralnick the creator of AwayFind, he’s a thinker. Jared and I got together a few months back, and that one conversation has spawned several changes in how I do business, from something as simple as buying a new laptop bag to more strategy-level things, Jared keeps me thinking.

Learn to Duck – Micah Baldwin isn’t new to blogging nor is he new to marketing. But he’s someone I’m watching. His work is always thought-provoking, and gets me moving in a new direction. If you don’t add Micah, you’re missing a voice that will impact your thinking.

**Update: Marshall Kirkpatrick, superstar from ReadWriteWeb, made a nifty OPML file if you want to subscribe to these guys all in one whack.** Thanks, Marshall!


Here’s a quick listing of people I love and follow for their perspective that aren’t exactly new, but still worth perusing, while I’m writing a post with links in it. This list doesn’t include the obvious people that you already read like Seth or Brian or Darren. You know about them. But are you reading:

Your Turn

Either add a comment or write a blog post with YOUR picks. I bet you’ll find some different ones. Let’s see what comes of it. And if you’re not on my list, I probably still read you. I’ve got hundreds of people I’ve started reading by way of my Rockstars page. Are you on it? (If you’ve submitted recently, it takes about 2 weeks for me to add you).

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