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What Goes Into Redrawing

Redesign I’m redrawing the ways I do business, the ways I connect with people, the ways I spend my day. It’s a process that requires a lot of thought, a lot of reconsidering, a lot of paper. It requires asking myself tough questions, and deciding whether or not I can handle the answers. It requires a lot of shutting out of the outside world, and thinking inwardly. I thought I’d write a bit about the process, because so many people asked. This has precious little to do with social media marketing, but everything to do with human business.

As With All Things, Goals First

I decided to tell myself the story of me, the story of me for the next few years. This comes from my experience with Don Miller’s book. In my efforts to determine how to conduct my business and my life, I started with goals. I won’t share the details, but I have goals for (in no order):

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Head Fake I built my brand on being accessible. You know me because you know that I care about you, that I care about your projects. This is true. But there’s a huge flaw in how this all works out, in the basic math level, and this came really clear to me over the last 10 days.

I can’t keep up.

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My 3 Words for 2011

Every year, I come up with three words that will be my guiding pillars for what I will focus on in the coming year. Instead of resolutions, which don’t usually help me very much, I work hard on using these words as a lighthouse for my actions and efforts. Here are my 3 words for 2011:

Reinvest. Package. Flow.

Reinvest – I will reinvest in my efforts in all areas of life that matter to me. I won’t phone it in. I have some fitness goals. I can’t keep playing at it. I have some financial goals that will be met. I have community goals that require me to reinvest in my projects and not take on new things.

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Stay on Target

Mindmapping for Project Management

I use mindmapping to keep my project lists. As a reformed/former project manager, I’m loathe to use project management software. I think Basecamp is abysmal to update. I think it’s too heavy. I think task lists don’t let us think the right way about what matters to us. Instead, I’m using mindmaps, because I can break out my thoughts by priority in a non-linear way.

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Scaling Social Media

clothes on a wire If you’re a company considering using social media tools for business communications, marketing, sales, etc, you’re no doubt wondering about how much time it will add to your already busy day, especially if you’re a smaller business. The answer varies depending on how you’re using it, how many platforms you’re engaging, your goals, and more. But we can still walk through some potential recipes and give you a sense of what will take time, how you might budget for it, and how to consider your engagement efforts. From a business perspective (and you can stretch this for non-profits and other organizations), it comes down to a mix of prioritizing and satisfying customer needs. Here are my thoughts on scaling social media.

Methods of Engaging in Social Media

First, let’s level-set what we’re talking about here. When I talk about scaling your efforts, here are the efforts I’m talking about:

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