A Different Kind of Blogger Outreach

Sony DigiDads project When our clients at Sony Electronics USA wanted to do a blogger outreach project for some of their new gear, I pitched Marcy Cohen from Sony on doing something a bit more thematic than just asking some bloggers to play with some gear. We came up with the DigiDad project, which is a series of opportunities for some selected bloggers to evaluate some Sony gear and write about it.

Nothing unique yet, right? Well, our plan’s a bit different. Instead of just asking some bloggers, we picked some dads. Which ones?

C.C. Chapman
Jeffrey Sass (disclosure: I founded Dadomatic.com)
Max Kalehoff
Brad Powell and DadLabs
Michael Sheehan

And the projects? Well, we’re rolling those out in the next little while, but they’ll entail using these products as dads, with their families, and we came up with various content projects for each product. So, instead of just loaning out a camcorder, we thought of ways to use it to document a field trip, and/or a historical tour. We’ve got a great idea for Sony’s new dSLR camera, the Alpha, where we’ll encourage dads and their kids to snap 100 portraits.

What I hope will be different is that the thematic approach of showing how dads use tech as an integrated part of their relationships with their kids. We’ll see how it turns out. If you decide to follow along, Sony has a section of their community platform set up to track the projects and field conversations.

What do you think? More interesting than the typical ad? What do you like and/or don’t you like about these types of outreach projects?

We’re all ears.

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