A Hundred Twitters- A Thousand

birds This is really where it’s at: Twitter isn’t just that site any more, it’s a communications method. Dave Winer has it right. Steve Gillmor has it right. The geeks in you already started thinking about Yammer and SocialCast and Blellow and more. I’m not talking about the tools. I’m talking about the facility, the method, the way this could move.

Think for a moment about the way we use Twitter, and the way that facility could change online interactions. Not IM. One-to-many opportunities.

Some of the twitters we should want

  • Health care help
  • Product purchasing help
  • Hotel information
  • City concierge info
  • Prayers ( I think Tony Steward is close with LifeChurch.tv)
  • Company logistics (private)
  • Up to the minute air travel info (wisdom of crowds)
  • Sporting event internal network
  • Prenatal care, Postnatal care

Tiny ping networks.

What We Will Need

  • A centralized identity
  • A way to expose certain profiles to certain networks
  • Simple bridges between “zones” or “networks.” (These train tracks have to line up.

And lots more.

What say you? What’s the world with a thousand twitters (lowercase, as Dave Winer likes it)? Does it lose everything? What if we maintain the Twitter as the commons?

(Yes, I’ve heard of Laconi.ca. This isn’t exactly that. But maybe it is. You?)

Photo credit Will Hybrid

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