Ads or No

camping outAdvertising is such a strange beast. I’ve been asked by many people why I’m not running ads of any kind on my site. I remember the conversation on Robert Scoble’s blog. Lots of people have had this same conversation, and lots of them have reached different decisions. My own mind isn’t made up.

Next week, I’m speaking at the Affiliate Summit with people much smarter than me. I’ll also have the chance to meet with people know LOTS more about advertising than me. I’m hoping to ask them for their thoughts and insights.

But what about you? I’m thinking that I might want to put a few ads on my site. I’d want them to be relevant to my community. I’d want them to reflect things I believe you might actually WANT to know about. But does that cheapen our relationship? There are ads in the New York Times. There are ads in Fast Company. But there aren’t normally ads in our discussions.

Your opinion matters a great deal to me on this one.

Photo Credit, Zach Klein

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