Alert Thingy Helps Make FriendFeed Indispensible

alert thingy I have a blog, a Twitter account, a Flickr account, Facebook, and lots of other points of presence on the web. FriendFeed is one application that lets people see all your various output in one place. Now, with the new application, Alert Thingy, I can see your FriendFeed presence in a nifty little Adobe AIR application.

FriendFeed/AlertThingy makes seeing the larger media output of your friends easier. Does this help you in a given day? Hard to say. But because some of the comments of the web are shifting into FriendFeed and because the audience is becoming more and more atomized, tools like these are becoming important to seeing the larger story.

Presence apps are here. Aggregation apps are here. But when do we get triage and filtering? Attention is scarce, and we’re sacrificing more of it every day. Tools like Alert Thingy are half the solution by putting everything in one place. But who will help us human-filter our sources?

Found via TechCrunch.

Screen caps done with Plasq’s Skitch

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