Aligning Social Media Within Companies

needle and thread Blogging’s awesome. Twitter’s so cool. Yeah, man. Let’s all get the company on Facebook.

Perfect. How’s that all work? Who actually does it? Who gets paid when things go well and who gets fired when they go poorly?

Where do the various social media tools belong in a company?

How Social Media Aligns Within Companies

This post is 100% variable. You could argue every point and be right. The main point of writing it is for us to think about it.

Is blogging marketing or PR? Technically, it’s neither. It’s a tool. But used by marketers, it’s a way to talk more about products and services, and it’s a way to engage in conversations. Hmm. That could be either marketing or PR. The question might come down to whether or not you’re going to use the blog as a conversion point or just a conversation station. See the difference? If you’re going to try and sell something in the food chain there, that’s probably on marketing’s shoulders. Agree? Disagree?

Twitter: Where Should It Go? I’m expecting Laura to swing in here and weigh in. Ditto Rachel Happe. Twitter, at its best, would be the new phone in the office. That is to say, I think it should be on every desk. HOW is it used? Well, there’s the thing. We can be like Frank Eliason of Comcast and do customer service. We can be like Ferg Devins at Molson and be the PR twitter type. We can be Greg Cangialosi of Blue Sky Factory and be the CEO. Where do you think it goes? I say everywhere, and then one strategy per account.

Facebook: Oui ou Non? Facebook is still an experimentation grounds within a company. I think most organizations keep these kinds of efforts tied to marketing, but is that where it belongs? What’s Human Resources relationship to Facebook and what should it be?

Video and Podcasting. Media making is surely the job of marketing, or outsourced advertising, right? What if project managers decide to use Flip cameras to capture their weekly status meetings, and then podcast the results to the other offices? Not really marketing, eh? But then, is there a larger media story within the organization, and do things like video and audio podcasting have more than one role? (Depending on the size of the organization, yes.)

And The Other Way Around?

Which tools help which department the other way around? If you’re in sales, do you care about podcasts? You might if you feel they improve your lead generation or funnel activity. If you’re in marketing, why should you want your message strewn all over the social web? If you’re in PR, won’t creating more channels just mean you’re responsible for more listening?

The Purpose of This Post

Now that I’ve thrown that all into the air, what are your thoughts? What can you riff on? What is cut and dry to you and/or your organization?

The point isn’t the post. It’s entirely the comments. Come play and think.

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