Once It All Aligns

Jacq and Chris I’ve been so very fortunate. On my radio show, I’ve had great guests who all operate at the top of their various games. Through my private coaching, I’m able to work with people who are on the verge of offering great value to the world they serve. And daily, I meet more and more people like you, all eager to do more, to be a better version of yourself.

Once It All Aligns

My newsletter on Sunday will be about what I’ve come to learn with regards to seeking out a clear and solid path to goals that drive my business to higher levels of success. There will be some solid takeaways for you to consider in there. If you don’t yet get my newsletter, this will be a good issue.

Beyond that, however, I want to tell you this: that once everything aligns with your mission, and once you use that mission to drive your efforts and execution, everything gets amazingly better. In all ways. Everything just feels like it works. Sure, there are still bad days and misses and mistakes, but even then, it just feels like there’s a flow.

But Alignment Takes Effort

Jacq took me to see physical therapist to the pros Mike Reinold the other day, and he and Lenny Macrina did a great job of finding some issues that were throwing off some of my work at the gym. The rehab hurts. It’s not exactly easy. But the results were almost instantaneous. The very next day, I put their adjustments to use and did better work than the months before.

Business is the same way. Alignment to your path takes some pain, some soreness, some discomfort. But so many people aren’t willing to do that. Instead, they fold under, they adapt with diminished results, and they accept new limitations.

Not me. Everything’s headed in a powerful direction, and I’m going to ride that new energy to new heights. The best part? It’s in service of you. So you get the results, well, if you work with me.

Thank you, universe. I’m feeling better already.

Many new updates coming soon as they roll out.

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