An Interesting Book Promo Offer

It’s not too often you get the chance to walk a movie premier’s red carpet just because you bought a book.

I got an email from Donna Wolfolk Cross telling me about her promo for Pope Joan, and that’s exactly what she’s offering.

What makes this interesting to me?

We no longer sell books: we sell access. We don’t sell music: we sell access. Creators are no longer stopping at the borders of their creation, but instead, are finding ways to include their audience (hopefully their community) in their experiences.

I support Donna’s idea here. Pretty interesting stuff, and yet another way to get our attention in a crowded world. I haven’t yet read the book, and as I only read fiction recommended by Ann Kingman at present, I’ll have to do my homework before I buy Pope Joan.

Have you read it?

Swing over and look at the Pope Joan promo and come back. What do you think? Interesting to you?

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