Announcing My Next Book

I’ve been writing furiously for a few weeks, and I have another few weeks ahead of me before I turn in the completed manuscript, but now is evidently the right time to announce that my next book will be Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything. I’ve written quite a lot here on [] about Google+ and I’ve created paid informational education about the service, as well as posted several thoughts, ideas, and more about the product. Frankly, I’m smitten with Google+ and the potential it brings as a business communications tool. So, Katherine Bull at QUE (part of Pearson) was kind enough to let me pen a book about it (and by “kind,” evidently turning a book around in six weeks now qualifies as the hardest thing I’ve ever done professionally), and so I’m happy to share that it’s available on Amazon already for pre-order, both as a physical book (affiliate link), and also for Kindle. It’s also available at Barnes & Noble (where I’ve actually sat in their cafe and written at least one chapter so far on it), and on Nook.

It’s tricky writing a book about a technology, but not unlike what Julien Smith and I did with Trust Agents, I’ve written the book to be more about the thoughts, the strategy, and the human business perspective that goes into using Google+ to drive potential business (whether you’re a small business or part of a large one). We’ll see how current I can keep it with my amazingly good team of editors and the help I’m getting from Katherine’s team. In my mind, it’ll be a pretty useful book for anyone who wants to get started with Google+, but also useful for people looking for some tips and tactics to get even more out of their efforts on Google+ for their business.

So, that’s my news. If you’re in the market for a Google+ book, it comes out very early in November (which is a lot closer than you think), and is available for pre-order now.

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