Announcing PodCamp Boston

Announcing PodCamp Boston to be held tentatively on August 19th-20th at a venue somewhere near Boston (and accessible by train). PodCamp Boston is a new media forum covering podcasting, videocasting (pick your version of the word), new media, and will feature a great variety interesting session offerings for those interesting in learning about podcasting, as well as those already hacking away at a podcast (or 3 or 4).

Come to to get involved. PW is: nepod

“PodCamp” is a neologism coined by Chris Penn as a distinction from Bar Camp

Please spread the word. If you’re at all interested in attending, check out the site for more information. It really will be fascinating. We’ll have a hell of a time, and you’ll certainly get a chance to hang out with some great people, learn some new skills, and develop connections with people that might prove pretty darned useful in the coming years.


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