Announcing Project Dogfood

project dogfood

Project Dogfood is the latest thing I’m working on at CrossTech Media. It’s a project where you’re invited to come talk about which social media elements a company should consider adopting. In this case, because the whole premise is to “eat our own dogfood,” we’re starting with a revamp of our own New Marketing Summit website for an event we’re running in October.

I’m working with David Meerman Scott and Paul Gillin on this project. David and Paul are co-chairs of the New Marketing Summit event, and after a conversation I had with Nick Saber (my president and colleague) snowballed into a much more animated conversation with David and Paul, we find ourselves at Project Dogfood.

inside the project

You’re invited to create an account (the platform we’re using to talk about this all is Jive Software’s Clearspace platform), and jump into the discussions. Though we’re talking in this case about one of our own websites, I feel the conversations will be broader in nature, and will be of interest to web technologists, marketers, attendees of conferences in general, and social media evangelists. Think about it: we’re going to transform our sites based on recommendations and interactions with the community.

That will certainly give us opportunities to mess up in front of you, but hopefully that means the project will be a learning project.

When it’s all said and done, it’s something we’ll talk about at the New Marketing Summit this October 14th-15th at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. But further, the methodology we come up with from the process and through your participation will be something we can talk about and share with people looking to transform their own sites and online marketing efforts.

I’m excited about this because it’s a chance to do more than just blog about it. We’ll implement things, test them with you, and learn through conversations.

What do you think?

Stop by Project Dogfood and check us out.

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