Another Reason I Use the Tools I Do

I have another reason why I love using the Genesis WordPress framework (affiliate link): they just made it really easy to claim authorship of my blog in Google (the search engine) by linking it to Google+ (the social backplane service).

Click Here For Instructions

And the other tool I’m glad I use is Google+. Between the live video Hangouts features and the new Communities features, I’m thrilled that I have a place to interact with my community, and also find new prospects via search.

Content marketing is a strong part of how I do business and how I cultivate relationships with potential buyers. My blog has brought me the lion’s share of my business over the past many years. By being able to link up my authorship of this blog very easily using the Genesis setting, it means that I’ll be getting even more yummy search value for my work here at [], and that’s a benefit.

Plus, I just love the themes. But lots of people have pretty themes. I like that mine is mobile dynamic, that it has all these added SEO benefits built in, and that it’s a framework and not just a pretty face.

Have you claimed authorship for your blog yet?

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