Are You Ready to Do?

I had the chance to review Kevin Kelly’s new book, DO! the pursuit of xceptional execution (aff link), and it’s really worth checking out. He’s got a lot of ideas that will help you, especially if you’re the kind that thinks about it but doesn’t always pull the trigger. do

Do you need a book about doing?

If the book tried to spend all its pages telling me “you’ve just gotta get started and do something,” I’d probably lose my mind about ten pages in, but Kelly has a lot packed in here. His chapter on being a student forever was a particular favorite, as was his mindset around customer relationships. The doing part of the book is a constant thread throughout, but there’s more meat to this than that.

Take some time and work through the concepts here

With any book, the value is in the execution. In the case of Do!, your job is to think through what it means to look for a bigger path than “typical,” to seek out your own way to be “xceptional,” in Kelly’s parlance. If you wrote down notes throughout this book and worked on your own interpretation for a month (or two or three), I’m pretty sure you’d have a better position on several aspects of your business mindset than you had before you started the book.

But the important concept in that advice is that you have to follow Kelly’s prime directive in the book: do.

Pick it up today. It’s everywhere, but here’s a simple link:

DO! the pursuit of xceptional execution

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