B2B Social Media Resources

People ask me about business-to-business social media questions all the time. I usually have great answers, and then they ask me about case studies. At moments like that, I just dip into my collection of case studies on Delicious. Today, I went out and found a bunch more. Here are some posts that others have written that point to good studies and resources for B2B Social Media Marketing:

30 Awesome Social Media Resources

3 Can’t Ignore Case Studies

3 B2B Case Studies and Why They Work

Peter Kim’s awesome wiki on social media marketing examples.

Social Media saves Cisco $100,000+

UPS launches a b2b social media campaign

Vital Stats for B2B Marketers

Retail banking

20 Support Cases for Using Social Media

One note about how B2B marketers get very little social engagement.

There Are More

There are more resources. Most of those actually lead to even more resources just with the links above. So, pore through them, see what applies, and align them to your needs.

Just wanted to share some poking around that I’d done for you.

Have any more to share? Stick some links in the comments. (Remember that all URLs are quarantined for a while. It takes me to manually approve them, so don’t worry. I’ll get you.)

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