Becoming Visible

We Are Visible My friend, Mark Horvath, from Invisible People took his winnings from the Pepsi Refresh project and pumped them into an amazing project: We Are Visible is a project to help the invisible get onto the web and build a social presence. In essence, Mark’s helping with his corner of the digital divide. The site is everything it should be. It’s an education, a showcase, and a starting point for people who haven’t yet had a voice to learn what it takes to get seen out there.

It won’t solve every ill. It won’t put jobs on the table. It won’t even keep you warm at night. But if you think that visibility isn’t an important part of what it is to be homeless, then you might want to spend some time with Mark and his projects.

Swing by We Are Visible, and if you want extra credit, go through to the showcased people links and make some new friends. You’ll be amazed who’s there and what they’re talking about.

Great action project, Mark. You’re not a talker, you’re a doer.

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