Being Strategic and Hating People – Video Book Reviews

I just finished reading Being Strategic and I Hate People. They’re definitely both worth picking up, but for different reasons.

You’re going to want a copy of Being Strategic, or maybe two. The first is for you; the other is for that coworker, boss, or friend who uses “strategic” and “strategy” but doesn’t have a clue what he or she is saying. With I HATE PEOPLE, you want to give this book to the kind of person who is letting his coworkers and boss get him down, or to anyone who’s getting beat up for being an individual.

I liked both books, though Erika Andersen’s BEING STRATEGIC felt a bit more like going through a lesson plan instead of an enjoyable read. I HATE PEOPLE reads like something your sarcastic friends would tell you over beers. Either way, both books are worth it.

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