Ben Affleck is the New Batman

Ben Affleck is the new Batman and that’s okay.

If you’re surprised or upset that Ben Affleck has been chosen to be Batman in upcoming film projects, it’s because you probably haven’t seen Argo or The Town. If you’re upset with Ben, it’s because you might remember Daredevil, or maybe it’s because you haven’t seen him in pretty much any movie, but know him from the tabloids.

There’s a huge and interesting lesson in this that applies to our business: people remember some old and distant version of you, and people remember the larger world’s (press and media) version of you, but if they’re not actively paying attention to your work, then they forget and discount all your other work.

That’s why you didn’t get the call back from that person you reached out to for more business. That’s why they laughed when you said you worked at insert company that’s no longer “cool” to work at because the media says it isn’t cool to work at here.

We struggle with our recollections being our perception of reality. The past is a fiction, created in part by your sloppy brain and in part by the echo of what’s been said by more than a few people that somehow filters into your perception of what’s real.

It’s all going to be okay. Ben Affleck will make a great Batman.

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