Bigger Ear Marketing for Authors

Hey, published authors looking for more readers: Want to have some fun? Use FourSquare and Twitter to make a few potential new relationships happen. Here’s what I did:

  1. I searched at for the following text: “I’m at Barnes & Noble” , which came from a FourSquare check-in.
  2. Here are the results.
  3. I then checked the users’ Twitter profiles to see if my book would make sense to them.
  4. I then tweeted a few people to ask if they saw my book in the marketing section.
  5. Then, a little dialogue, because hey, it’s weird that an author is directing you around a store.

Did I sell a few thousand more books? No. But did I start a story for someone else to tell other people? Yes.

And I did it by growing bigger ears.

This isn’t a very efficient use of your time, but it was fun, and it gives you a new way to think about services like Twitter and FourSquare.

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