Chris Brogan Business Card

Day in the Yellow PlaceChris Brogan
President: New Marketing Labs.
Contact Me (I prefer email or Google Wave to phone)
Twitter: @chrisbrogan
Linkedin: Chris Brogan (connect: linkedin @ chrisbrogan . com)

My Business Interests

I speak professionally, so if you want to talk about an engagement, contact me. I don’t get to say yes to very many non-paying events these days, and in 2011, I’ll speak only 3 times a month, so that’ll get grabbed up quickly.

I run New Marketing Labs, a new media marketing consulting company. We work with mostly large companies (Fortune 100/500 types).

I have a media and education company launching shortly. Part of it is revealed. [] is my flagship media project, where I write about human business, finding the good people and sharing information on companies that are doing it right. More projects in this vein are coming soon, and each one contains and opportunity to sponsor. For instance, do you have anything to do with business travel? (hotels, restaurants, gear) Then contact me.

Want to advertise? I’m not cheap, but I have great reach. Contact me.

I promote one charity a month for passion and for examples of how others can do it for themselves.

I don’t react well to public relations press releases, especially if you haven’t really read my blog and don’t know what I do here. If you want to talk with me, please do just a hair of homework. It’s not the size of my network. It’s what I do with it.

That’s me in a nutshell. Need a bit more biographical information? Here’s my about page. Here’s a little bit more of a biography about me.

What else do you need to know?

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