Black Friday for Bloggers

Now it can be told

Okay, when the Copyblogger theme (affiliate link) came out a little while back, it wasn’t that long after [] got a new theme. As we share a design team, I wasn’t exactly calling Brian Clark out for it, but if you look at the graphic above, and then you look at my site (not on a mobile device), you’ll see that um… it’s pretty similar. Right? We can admit this now, right, Brian?

But now, if you have the Genesis Premium WordPress Theme, you can get the Copyblogger *cough cough* *cough cough* theme absolutely FREE. Note that I said it’s free if you’re a Genesis user. That’s because this is a “child” theme, and you need the Genesis framework to load it. Here’s the thing: it’s a gorgeous theme and has served me (and Brian) very well for the last while. Seeing as Brian is moving on to another them, he figures there’s no harm in letting you make your site look like mine.

What’s included in a premium theme like this?

  • 6 layout options for flexible design choices
  • Red, orange, or blue color schemes
  • Responsive mobile layout for iPad and iPhone
  • Sidebar and footer widgets for easy customization
  • Turn-key archive and blog page templates
  • Rock solid search engine optimized code
  • Unlimited domains you can use it on
  • Expert support from our StudioPress team

That’s pretty darned cool, right? I don’t think mine goes that easily to Orange. At least, I haven’t found that button yet.

The Thanksgiving Sale

In the US, we are celebrating Thanksgiving, and the folks at Copyblogger Media have made a whole bunch of deals available. I love and use these products, and vouch for all of them. If you’re thinking about investing in your blogging and online capabilities for 2012, you’d do well to check out these deals:

25% off Everything at StudioPress

  • Get the Genesis Framework for only $45.
  • Pick up a Genesis child theme design for less than $20.
  • Snag a Genesis / design combo and save close to $20 (or more).
  • Wipe the entire shop clean by getting our Pro Pack All-Theme Package. Get Genesis plus all 43 current designs, plus every design we make in the future, and save over $74 off the regular price (and over $875 off the retail price of just the existing 43 designs)!

I cribbed some of this from the Copyblogger site, so forgive me that. We’re both promoting their stuff.

Premise Ultimate for $95

You want easy-to-build landing pages? Man, we use these ALL the time at HBW. Check out Premise. (affiliate link). It’s our ace in the hole for helping build landing pages that drive better sales, and now, with the “Ultimate” model, it’s even better, with more neato stuff to drive better conversions.

How Do You Get The Sales?

Pick what you want to buy.
Look for the spot in the checkout process where you can add a promotional code.
Enter the code THANKS and click “Get Promo” to see your special deal.
This deal ends promptly at 5:00 pm Pacific time on Monday, November 28, 2011.

Do eeeeeet. This is a great sale, won’t likely be repeated in this form, and is a bunch of really great stuff that you can benefit from adding to your quiver. If you’ve been holding off on things like this, make this the reason why you should get into premium themes and improved blogging tools. I use them for all my current sites and projects. Everything I do has a bit of Copyblogger Media technology worked into it. Why shouldn’t you give it a look-see.

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Look at Landing Page Software

And don’t forget to enter THANKS and click the “Get Promo” to get your deal. Otherwise, you’ll be all grumpy with me.

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