Black Rivet Distressed Moto Jacket – Video Review

This is not a sponsored post, but Wilson’s Leather sent me the Black Rivet Distressed Moto Jacket for review. (Not an affiliate link.)

When Wilson’s Leather asked me to review a jacket or a bag from their store, I had a flashback to the mall days of my high school youth. When I asked Rob Hatch about it, he said the same thing: “Malls and Bon Jovi fringe jackets.” Now, that’s partially because we are 40 and we grew up in the late 80s. But I was really surprised when I checked out what they had and I immediately said that I’d love to check out a jacket.

What follows is my review of the Black Rivet Distressed Moto Jacket. I picked it because it looked pre-beat-up (important for a jacket) and it looked like something the X-Men would wear, without being dorky (well, dorkier than wanting to look like the X-Men). Here’s the video:

If you can’t see the video, click here.

Just a quick funny bit: it was SO HOT when I filmed this, so I put that jacket on as briefly as I could. I can’t wait until autumn, so I can wear it more.

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