I Finally Understand

This morning, I finally understand why people are fans. There was no cost to entry. I didn’t have to work hard. I didn’t have to suffer defeat. I just had to observe. And it felt sweet. I just had a shared experience with all my colleagues, hell, with everyone I’ve seen or heard since waking this morning. People are all smiling and nodding knowingly. It’s like WE won. It’s like we held off fate and curses.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been using that growing sensation as part of my training. I’ve been clinging to the palpable sense in the air that hard work, patience, determination, and a lot of luck can pay off. And it’s made me run faster. It’s made me train harder.

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Maybe not 2005, but…

The Jay Marathon looks to be the biggest thing I’ve yet found that I want to face. If you read through this site, it’s ASTOUNDING what they put you through on this course. Does your marathon have a full mile of running through a brook? Does yours have a rope crossing on a river? Do you get to run 5 miles in the mud?

The site says that if you can’t finish a marathon in 4 hours, don’t bother. Most people double or TRIPLE their PR when they run this course.

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Fast For Me!

I jammed out another five miles this morning on the hamster trap. It’s all I’m going to be doing for morning runs, as darkness has descended on my poor New England village. But man, five fast miles (for me). I completed them in 47:25. That means roughly 9:30 miles (really roughly, cuz I had to use my head). Considering I’m a 10 minute miler usually at my best, I feel like a race horse.

An hour of heavy lifting followed, with some core strength thrown in, too. Today was the first day I did reverse rows, which is where you lie underneath a smith machine bar, and pull your bodyweight up to the bar, kind of like an upside-down pushup. (Do you have an image of that, or am I not explaining it right?) Anyhow, what a move. Being that I weigh 238 right now, that’s a helluva lot of weight to move up to that bar while hanging upside down. But I did two sets fairly strong. I’m Batman.

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Tea Leaves

I’m sitting here thinking about personal responsibility. Funny thing is, I’m not doing much work while I’m thinking about it. And I’m drinking tea. Specifically:

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Full Force

Friday gave me 7 miles running and an hour of heavy weight lifting. I felt godlike.

Saturday was another 5 miles, including a mile of near-vertical on an elliptical. Man, that thing really hurt my ass.

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Winning Vs……

The editorial in this month’s Running Times talks about the opposite of Winning. Most people would say the opposite of winning is losing. But according to research scientist Martha Rosett Lutz, the opposite of winning is quitting.

Jonathan Beverly, the editor, goes on to say that quitting can be as brash as giving up your shoes and buying a La-Z-Boy, but it can be as subtle as giving up during the tough part of a race. Similarly, winning can be something other than crossing the finish line first. You win by beating a personal record, or by just finishing the race, etc.

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Are You A Serious Runner?

Here’s something– some of my running blog friends are SERIOUS about their running. They are out there slicing time off their PRs, and they are training with intense regimens. That is SO awesome. You all rock hard!

Some of my other running blog friends are running, and they’re enjoying it, and they’re trying hard to stay in the game. But they feel worried that they’re not serious enough. That they’re not “real” runners. I’ve seen this before in other lifestyle choices I used to embrace.

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I jammed out five miles on the treadmill today, barely really noticing the effort. This is a GREAT feeling, considering that I’ve been feeling a little laggy of late. I’m not sure to what I should grant credit. Maybe it was that ucky throat feeling yesterday that’s gone today (answer to Jon). Maybe it was just knowing that I’m pushing through. Beats me.

After the run, I hit the weights. I did shoulders, triceps, and then some core stuff including some squats, twists, and the dreaded plank. Generally, I felt stronger than I’ve felt in a while.

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