Are You A Serious Runner?

Here’s something– some of my running blog friends are SERIOUS about their running. They are out there slicing time off their PRs, and they are training with intense regimens. That is SO awesome. You all rock hard!

Some of my other running blog friends are running, and they’re enjoying it, and they’re trying hard to stay in the game. But they feel worried that they’re not serious enough. That they’re not “real” runners. I’ve seen this before in other lifestyle choices I used to embrace.

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I jammed out five miles on the treadmill today, barely really noticing the effort. This is a GREAT feeling, considering that I’ve been feeling a little laggy of late. I’m not sure to what I should grant credit. Maybe it was that ucky throat feeling yesterday that’s gone today (answer to Jon). Maybe it was just knowing that I’m pushing through. Beats me.

After the run, I hit the weights. I did shoulders, triceps, and then some core stuff including some squats, twists, and the dreaded plank. Generally, I felt stronger than I’ve felt in a while.

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I woke up this morning and felt a weird tickle in the back of my throat. Jon said he’s having the same thing. Uh-oh.

The good news is, someone gave me the best motivation yet for doing my marathon in November. Just the kick in the balls I needed.

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Digging In Even More

I started my day off at 4:42 AM, wolfing down a leftover turkey sandwich from Subway, taking my multivitamin, my B complex, my allegra, etc. After throwing on some duds, I fought my urge to get back into bed and snore some more. It was a fight. I was down the elevator, walking out through the glassy foyer of our building, and I was still saying to myself, “I don’t want to go.” In fact, I didn’t even want the lady at the desk to let me in once I was standing there in front of her. I was hoping she’d kick me out for some reason. But she didn’t. I had to go in.

Once I got in, I got down to work. I threw lots of metal up and down to work my chest. I did those assisted chinup things for a while. And I did squats with weight. It feels really cool to do freeweight squats with 220 pounds on my back and not complain. Thereafter, I did some lower back work, some core exercises, and a couple dozen pushups, just so I’d go home feeling like I’d earned it.

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Ravenswood 4.1 Mile Trail Race

What a great event, put on by some wonderful people. There were seventy-something runners, and all types. I came in 51st overall, which surprised me. I felt fairly laggy, and thought there might only be a half dozen people behind me. Time wise, I did somewhere around 44 minutes for 4.1 miles, so a little slower than normal for me. (Updated).

Excellent trail in Ravenswood forest in Gloucester, Mass. If you’re in the state and want a neat place to trail run, check this place out. There’s a great mix of singletracks, swampy areas that are fun/tricky, and some great climbing areas. Just generally a great day.

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More Scheming and Planning

I didn’t run this morning, as I was a bit stiff and sore from too little hydration the day before. I’ll try to sneak in the miles either at lunch and then at dinner, or just in the evening. Or maybe I’ll just do 10 tomorrow instead of this morning. This is the heavy mileage week. It doubles as the week to see if I feel up to bumping my running up to ultra distances in 2005 (even theoretically).

After the marathon, I’ll stop training for running until spring. I’ll still get in runs, but not with a specific plan. In fact, I’ll turn over my planning to burning fat and toning up even more. I’ll work on kicking 30 plus pounds off my frame over the winter. While everyone else is allowing on that magical 10 pounds, I’m going to try and carve up the bird a little more. We’ll see. I’m definitely a guy who loves to eat, and even when I eat good for me foods, I still love eating plenty of them. I’m hoping to use muscle mass and calorie burning to offset my appetites.

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8 Miles (not 10)

I shot for 10 miles at the gym, but I got 8. Why? Because for one, treadmill running is a killer. Two, I wore my non-technical clothing and I got chafed like there’s no tomorrow.

Why is it all running-related chafing seems to happen to various and sundry areas that could also be classified as errogenous zones? Oh my BUDDHA that hurt! I’ve got red spots nearly anywhere someone would claim as frisky territory.

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Weighty Issues

Annalisa had some great comments to my last post, so instead of just commenting inside that post, I figured I’d add another. (Mostly because I was worried my replies wouldn’t be found down there in the mire).

I completely agree that there are food addictions that mirror other addictive behaviors, such as sex addiction, drug addiction, religious addiction, etc. They are all related to the same thing, in my estimation. Shading slightly over the little intricacies of the differences, I believe the root cause of any addictive behavior stems from efforts to self-medicate in lieu of finding a personal stability of being (aka, a good self-esteem).

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Inside Yourself

I was talking via email with a good friend who’s taking on his own fitness challenges. We were discussing how good it makes you feel to really have a handle on things. This relates to conversations I had last night with my wife and yesterday with another blogger friend. The theme seems boiled down to: you have to do it to get it.

Do you get it?

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