Reason 44,051…

Reason # 44,051 why I married Kat is that she is great at challenging me. I mentioned that I’d surfed something like 30 fitness or weight loss blogs, and only found 1 good one. I started to gripe about how many of those blogs say the same thing: “I’m going to start tomorrow,” and “This time, it’ll be different,” or “I’ve stopped working out, but I’m going to keep up on…”

And that bugs me. Really gets me going.

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Now That Felt Good

I jumped on the scale this morning and found I’d knocked four pounds off since Monday. Then, I got back from the gym, and I guess I sweat another 2 off. Whewww! Ain’t weight loss funny? (These numbers don’t mean diddly, really).

I’m doing these really weird lifts at the gym. One’s the one-armed snatch (shuddup, beavis), which looks fairly stupid, but works lots of diverse muscles. The other is called loading (I said, shuddup, beavis!), and that involves something that looks like picking up your suitcases and throwing them into the overhead bin on the plane. What I’m doing are exercises from the back of this month’s Men’s Fitness, a magazine I don’t really endorse, except for these workouts.

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Odd 5K

I just ran a quick 5K during lunch at the gym down the street. I did it kind of fartlek style (varying speeds), and for whatever reason, though I pushed myself frequently up into 7.5 and 8 MPH speeds, I finished slower than one I did earlier in the month.

Earlier time: 27 minutes.
This time: 28:30.

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Feeling “Civilian”

Did you guys see The Incredibles yet? If you use the “it’s a kid movie” thing, I’ll clobber you. To me, the movie was a perfect picture into how I feel about my professional life.

See the guy in the insurance office? Slumped and grey? That’s me.

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Those Little Calories

While I’m hard at work trying to carve another 30 pounds off my body, I’m paying close attention to what’s going into the engine, and how I’m choosing to burn it back out. Now, I eat really healthy for the most part. I’m well read on nutrition, eat nearly all my calories for value (high fiber, or good antioxidant level, or great protein count, etc.) Still, I’m finding lots of little places where extra calories were adding up.

Breakfast: when I eat at home, I don’t get a big omelette stuffed with light sausage and feta, I don’t eat both slices of buttered toast, and I don’t finish my daughter’s uneaten 1/2 of a large chocolate chip pancake. Instead, I have either a bowl of wheat bran flakes with more bran, raisins, and 1% milk, or oatmeal and similar. 300 fewer calories, at least.

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Dear Everyone…

Dear Everyone–

It’s truly a remarkable feeling to find dozens and dozens of comments and praise related to my race report. You were all very kind, very invigorating, and each and every one of you gave me a special feeling right here in my nostrils.

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Marathon Write-Up (LOOONG)

The Stone Cat Marathon

I started out strong. I was slapping people’s hands and shouting “Wooo!!!!!”, until people said, “Quit that. What are you doing? I can’t hear the race director.” Then, the guy said “go.” Trust me, if it wasn’t snowing, I wouldn’t have had a clue where to go. Luckily, at the back of the pack, I had plenty of people to follow.

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