A Little Moment

A coworker was giving away some clothing he’d received as a gift the night before: a couple of hats and one of those pullover windbreakers like golfing and baseball people like to wear. He gave me a hat and said, “that windbreaker won’t really fit well on you.” Of course, I *had* to try it on. It was a Size L.

And of course, it fit fine. I looked mildly superhero-shaped, because it made my shoulders seem extra broad (and they’re fairly broad on their own), and okay, because it wasn’t exceptionally roomy (though not entirely tight).

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George Carlin was interviewed the other day, and I was struck by the fact he had a complete plan for his ambitions by the time he was thirteen. Not only did he know he wanted to be a professional entertainer, but he knew that he should start with radio first. Why? Because there he could work out his fears of performing in front of people because there wouldn’t be a live audience before him. Then, he’d do comedy. Stand-up. Then, he’d go on to be a film actor. Despite the fact a lengthy film career wasn’t to be, George hit all his goals in the order he planned to hit them. (And I think his role in Kevin Smith’s film counts, don’t you?)

Ask nearly anyone noted for doing what they do, and they say, “I have always known I’d be a painter” or “I used to make up little songs and sing them to kids in the neighborhood.” They have a clear sense of their inner vision, the guiding platform of their life.

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I am going to SUCK all the inspiration out of everyone around me over these next few weeks. Man, following the training schedule for a marathon is grueling. Not because all those miles were hard. But because it kind of gets TEDIOUS when you look at it like a chart and graph. Maybe I’m over on the wrong side of the map right now, but I think I sucked the fun out of my training by trying to hit my weekly mileage goals and the like.

Next time around, I’m just going to run when it’s time to run. I’ll run to have fun. I’ll run more than a dozen races next year. And I’m not going to have a fricken November marathon next year. I’ll get those out of my system in the summer months, when it’s easier to train up.

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No Race, Sick Kid

Between me having a cold, and then my 2 year old getting a cold, and my wife not getting enough of a break over the last week, I ended up not racing Sunday. Definitely not the end of the world. I missed running that race, but family first.

I’m feeling mostly better this morning. The coughing is down to a minimum. I feel lower energy than normal, but not enough to keep me out of the gym. I did heavy lifting this morning and some miles on their indoor track. Nothing spectacular in the running department, but generally some more miles for training.

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I either have some kind of head cold, or some killer allergy thing going on. I’m taking my Allegra, dammit. Yes, I missed one day, but it really can’t be that, can it? *shakes fist*

I went to the gym anyway. It’s not like I feel HORRIBLE, but I feel low energy. I lifted weights, but didn’t get in a run. Nothing. I just didn’t have the juice. Mind you, I did fine. I upped my bench even more, so that I’m using two 60 pound dumbells for my dumbell bench and I’m doing all kinds of mad things for my lunges, my shoulder press, etc. I feel powerful, but without much juice. Make sense?

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World Run Day?

Have you guys heard of World Run Day? November 7th, 2004, everyone’s supposed to run, donate money to whatever charity you want, etc. This is a week before my marathon, so I’m not sure what distance I’m going to run, but what the hell?

You all want to run?

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I Finally Understand

This morning, I finally understand why people are fans. There was no cost to entry. I didn’t have to work hard. I didn’t have to suffer defeat. I just had to observe. And it felt sweet. I just had a shared experience with all my colleagues, hell, with everyone I’ve seen or heard since waking this morning. People are all smiling and nodding knowingly. It’s like WE won. It’s like we held off fate and curses.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been using that growing sensation as part of my training. I’ve been clinging to the palpable sense in the air that hard work, patience, determination, and a lot of luck can pay off. And it’s made me run faster. It’s made me train harder.

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Maybe not 2005, but…

The Jay Marathon looks to be the biggest thing I’ve yet found that I want to face. If you read through this site, it’s ASTOUNDING what they put you through on this course. Does your marathon have a full mile of running through a brook? Does yours have a rope crossing on a river? Do you get to run 5 miles in the mud?

The site says that if you can’t finish a marathon in 4 hours, don’t bother. Most people double or TRIPLE their PR when they run this course.

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Fast For Me!

I jammed out another five miles this morning on the hamster trap. It’s all I’m going to be doing for morning runs, as darkness has descended on my poor New England village. But man, five fast miles (for me). I completed them in 47:25. That means roughly 9:30 miles (really roughly, cuz I had to use my head). Considering I’m a 10 minute miler usually at my best, I feel like a race horse.

An hour of heavy lifting followed, with some core strength thrown in, too. Today was the first day I did reverse rows, which is where you lie underneath a smith machine bar, and pull your bodyweight up to the bar, kind of like an upside-down pushup. (Do you have an image of that, or am I not explaining it right?) Anyhow, what a move. Being that I weigh 238 right now, that’s a helluva lot of weight to move up to that bar while hanging upside down. But I did two sets fairly strong. I’m Batman.

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Tea Leaves

I’m sitting here thinking about personal responsibility. Funny thing is, I’m not doing much work while I’m thinking about it. And I’m drinking tea. Specifically:

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