Houghton Pond 6 Mile Trail Race

Okay, first off, I got lost. I got really lost. This is one of the top three things I hate in life. I HATE being lost. Worse, I was lost in some of the officially scariest parts of Massachusetts. Double-hate being lost in places where liquor stores and pawn shops outnumber other businesses four to one.

Then, I arrived with 3 minutes until the start of the race. Just enough time for a confused (but glad she’s there to help) woman to find my number, proceed to forget to hand it to me, and get embroiled in a conversation with some other volunteer who’s only marginally less confused. By the way, I seriously have to piss.

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5 More Street Miles

The plus to getting out on the street early is that I can actually get out when I want to run. The other plus is that it’s right there. The minuses are overwhelming. Sore body parts. Cars. Not nearly as much fun stuff to look at. A lack of spirituality to the surroundings.

And yet, I got another five miles in, after having stalled a bit due to the darkness in my super-early morning trail runs.

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My password is nine characters log. To that end, I always hum (in my head) the first bars of Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is.” EVERY time.

(I’m going to do one of those 100 things lists).

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Oph Taupick

*If I smoked pot and then painted my naked body blue before running and slamming myself into a white wall, would I be a high performance artist?

*If a brook dries up, is it x-stream?

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9 Freezing Cold Miles

It’s getting chilly out there at 4:50AM. I even wore the long-sleeved shirt, but man, it was a bit nipply.

Here’s what I did. I geared up, and ran from my house to the forest where I usually run. My intent was to get there at sunup, then run around the trail, and then run home. Nope. Still dark as hell. I ran a little while down the trail, got spooked, annoyed that it was still so damned dark, and then turned around and ran home.

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A Little Lazy

I didn’t go out to the trails to run in the rainy pre-dawn darkness this morning. I just couldn’t find the juice. Instead, I hit the gym.

I’ve rebuilt my workout program into three separate days, and as I can’t really stand to read details of other people’s workouts, I’ll skip them (unless one inquires, and then I might email the details or something).

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Fitness Goals

I find that my goals shift often. Do yours? I am constantly adjusting the path I’m heading towards. Of course, one problem with this approach is that I don’t really know when I’ve reached a milestone. The upside, however, is that I keep adjusting them into more challenging goals.

Since it’s been a while between goal-setting moments, I think I’ll take the time to figure out my fitness goals for the last quarter of this year.

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Brief One

Back from our visit to Maine, and to the fair. When I went down to see the race path of the 5K, I was sadly disappointed. Here, in the middle of all these rolling farmlands and beautiful vistas, someone spraypainted out a stupid road course that ran us down some backroads, up into a parking lot, and then back the same way we came. Lamest road race I’ve ever seen. So, I ran the entire route before the gun went off, took my shirt, and ran back to my car. I got six miles out of their stupid 5K by running to and from the course, and reminded myself why I’m through with road races.

The rest of the trip was the best vacation I can remember taking. Great fun, great friends, camping, and all that stuff.

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