5 Ocean Miles

This morning, it took 1 hour and 40 minutes to get out of the house. I just couldn’t find my inspiration. I couldn’t get out of bed, and when I did, I just kept feeling like, “What’s the point?” I eventually locked myself in the bathroom with The Quotable Runner and read the first few sections of quotes. After a while, it seemed like an okay idea to go out and run. So fine. I grabbed a pair of socks, slipped on my sandals, and went down to the car.

Whoops. I thought I’d left my gym bag in the car, but nooooo. So, I had no running shoes, just the socks. I said to myself, “Then, I’ll run the beach.”

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Trail Runner Sticker

Okay, I’m psyched about something nearly silly, but there are undertones of neato to it.

I wrote the guys at Trail Runner magazine and asked them for a sticker for my car, because hey, I’m really digging trail running and I wanted to show my affiliation for such things. They wrote back and said, sure thing, gimme your address.

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12.5 or 13-ish Miles

I ran this morning at 5AM with Marty from a nearby trail running club. He took me out on the trail course for my November marathon. For one thing, we left too early, because it was DARK out there. We couldn’t *really* see the trail, but Marty knew it like the back of his hand, so I felt like I was in good hands. Phew.

We didn’t see any deer or anything remarkable. Unless a big well-groomed poodle is remarkable. He was really fuzzy and cute, and he shoved his chest against the backs of my legs while I was running off (which of course spooked me because I thought he’d run back to his owner). But that’s okay.

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5 Miles and Some Swimming

I woke to rain. Because I didn’t know where half my wet weather gear was in the new place, I decided to hit the gym instead. So, at 4:46, I pulled up at the nicer of the two Gold’s Gyms in my Alliance plan, and waited for the nice young lady to open the facility.

I ran 5 miles, sweating and feeling like quitting from somewhere around 1.7 miles. For whatever reason, running on the treadmill is a great exercise in testing my mental stamina. I feel like quitting the whole time. I look around at all the other things I can do, and I start thinking I should get off the ‘mill and go do some weightlifting. I start thinking I should leave and hit the pool early, that I’ll make up the miles in swimming.

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Your Image

I am training to run a marathon in November. Ultimately, I am training to run ultramarathons and longer-distance events. For other reasons, I am training for other things. I want to be able to do many chin-ups (I can’t do one). I want to be able to hold myself vertical by my fingertips for a long period of time (not even close).

Keeping my training goals in mind helps me with all other aspects of my life. It gives me resolve that I didn’t have beforehand. It gives me a path, and helps me slough off the other not-important stuff in my life. It builds my confidence with a series of small victories, and buffers my failures by reminding me of all I’ve done.

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4 Miles

Wow, what a huffing four miles it was. I haven’t been out to run for a while, due to the moving. Boy, doesn’t that really show when you get back out there? Woof.

But man, I ran all the same. I ran as if I were finishing the marathon. I didn’t hurt, mind you. I was just tired. No gas in the tank. My breathing was rough. I sweat as if I were trying to replenish an ocean. But my muscles were primed and ready, so I let them be my guide. I just kept going.

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Brief Check-In

Just a quick check-in to tell you I’m still alive.

I’m offline at home. The new digs don’t have DSL connectivity, so I’m still debating how I’m going to rectify that problem.

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