How to Blog and Create Valuable Business Content

You Aren’t Just a Business. You’re a Media Company. Are You Ready?

In the coming years, you’re not responsible simply for trying to sell your products and services. You are a media company, tasked with entertaining and informing and educating people with “good content.” What does this mean for you? How does one kind of blog post deliver more business value than another? What are some of the best ways to share interesting information across various social networks? Should you just throw away your own website and use a blogging platform like Tumblr? There’s so much to consider, isn’t there?

The first piece of advice I have is to get our free newsletter and receive ideas for topics and tips. Beyond that, watch this space for more opportunities to do more to create valuable business content from your blog.

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If you want to follow up on some of my previous posts, here’s some of my best advice about blogging. Stay tuned. We’ll be talking more about this in coming weeks.

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