Body Image

I’m a former fat guy. Sure, I’m still 30 or more pounds overweight. I’m 40 pounds overweight according to the national standards. But when I look at myself, I see a fairly fit guy who’s got some pounds on that need to come off.

That’s a first.

For decades, I’ve had one of two opinions. I’ve either thought I looked just fine and what’s all the fuss, or I’ve thought I was a fat guy that looked pretty okay for being fat.

I was telling Kat that I find myself running little diagnostics on my body these days. I’m always sizing things up, considering my training, looking at everything I’m doing from the centerpoint of how I got to where I am right now.

If I skip something or eat a little something I shouldn’t, I don’t chide myself. I just note it as something that won’t help the overall training goal. I’m far more accepting of what’s going on, because I know that I control what I do and do not accomplish.

I’ve got nothing more tonight. I skipped my evening run because I didn’t cool down this morning after my run and I ended up kind of achy all over today. Tomorrow’s another 2 miles, so I’ll catch it then.


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