Bold Action Drives Success

Chris Brogan In the past several months, on many fronts, I have pushed past my comfort zone. Unofficially, my private mantra has been “comfort is a prison.” Since pushing on many levels, I’ve found success in all kinds of small but meaningful ways. This is all leading towards something else.

Bold Action Drives Success

In the movies, we see all bold action as the difference between life and death. More often, in our lives, it’s the difference between life and settling. The time for average is over. Don’t believe me?

Those who sought to stay below the radar at work and not rock the boat got thrown overboard. Everyone who got laid off even though they were doing a decent job were clearly not the fierce and bold. Those people either jumped out of the boat themselves or took the boat over.

How many times did you change your big idea into your little idea? How many times did you change your big and bold swing into your “this sounds more reasonable” swing?

Comfort is a Prison

In releasing The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, I wrote a story that isn’t exactly the story that most larger businesses want to talk about. Chasing smaller crowds of like-passioned people isn’t as exciting to talk about as trying to bring the masses to their brand. But I couldn’t tell that story. I don’t believe that the masses are where it’s at. I think that passionate brands that serve a specific community are the next big economy.

Making this proclamation and serving Owners more often than I seek out a larger organization are moves that push me outside of comfort. And how do I respond? I sink even more commitment into the effort.

Soon, very soon, I’ll make this even more clear. But for now, just know this. The more you’re willing to be bold, the more you’re willing to make the REAL goal your goal instead of some watered down version, the more chance you have to succeed.

Blessed be the freaks who choose to be owners. It’s a gorgeous world you’re inheriting.

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