The Integration of Business and Health

Chris Brogan I’ve been on a mission of late (well, it’s been a while, but I’m not sure you saw it). Just as soon as I launched Owner Magazine, I talked with Jacqueline Carly about launching BossFit Magazine. Owner’s about building stronger owners and growing your capabilities and connections. BossFit is about fitness and nutrition for the busy professional. The two go hand in hand. I’ve been more and more committed to this of late.

How Can We Be Owners Without Our Health?

Have you looked around the digital industry? There are a lot of people who are seriously overweight. Heck, in the US, there are a lot of people, period, who are in rough shape. It’s not just “the way things are going.” It’s built on our choices.

I’ve decided to work on this. I’m working on myself, first and foremost, because there’s no way I can talk about it without modeling it. Besides, I owe it to myself, and along the way, I keep learning more about my business.

It Doesn’t Require Super Strength

If you know anything about me, I’m not exactly superhuman. I’m Batman. Just a guy who’s driven to change the world. I didn’t come from Krypton.

Sometimes, people think that health is something that healthy people do. It’s not. If you’ve not seen stories like Jeff Pulver and Bryan Eisenberg and many more who I won’t fill the post with, you’ll know that regular people are just as capable.

It Does Require Work

But of course it takes work. It requires filling your head with positive information. It requires surrounding yourself with people like Todd Jordan and John Doyle and Brigitta Toruno who are doing it every day. And it requires plans to stick to, or it’ll all fall apart.

If you’re not yet familiar with BossFit, check it out. There’s lots going on. Smart people doing good work.

I’m committed to helping owners in all the ways I can. That most definitely includes health and wellness. Does this resonate with you? Where are you in your fitness and health efforts?

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