Business in a Box: Video Travel Guides


If you’re not a regular visitor to Springwise, you’re missing out. These guys have a regular posting that I think of as businesses in a box. Just figure out if the idea du jour fits with what you can and know how to do, and you can just take it and run.

I love this idea about channeling online videos. The basic premise is to take all this consumer generated content and give it themes. This theme is travel, and so you might go out, shoot some video of places you’re vacationing in, or places where you live that might be of interest to someone traveling, and you’ve got something of value to people considering where they’d like to spend their travel money.

With just a few tweaks, this becomes a great nonprofit gig for someone looking to share experiences with people who maybe can’t get out to everywhere they might want to go, or educational “field trips” for schools who are looking to expand their minds while still on a budget.

What’s your take?


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