Business Isn’t All Work

True lovers of the muse

I’ve written a lot in the last few posts about business. That was the goal: to help people better understand some of these tools and their impact on doing business. However, I should be really clear that business isn’t all work.

Business, especially human business, can be relationship-minded, can be sustainable, and can even be fun. Sure, transactions have to happen and value has to change hands, but a lot of doing business is about making relationships.

Now, translate the word “business” to mean something a little more broad-minded, and you can see how all these ideas would relate to your nonprofit, to your church, to your homeschooling project.

If you’re lucky, and I am, a good deal of business can be made in the trade of handshakes, smiles, and future encouragement. Mix that with an eye for understanding where value can transfer to the benefit of more than one, and you’re on to something. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that business is all about work.

What’s the fun in that?

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