Cafe Shaped Business – The Roger Smith Hotel

Emily and Ian TweetI just got back from a trip to New York City. Before leaving, I mentioned on Twitter that I was coming to the city. My friend, Chris Kieff, from Ripple6 and I were planning to meet up, and he mentioned that I might check out the Roger Smith Hotel, because he knew they had some kind of blogger special. Moments after this, I hear the same information from Brett Petersel of Mashable.

So, I check it out. Moments later, I have an email from Adam Wallace, their new media marketing guy telling me that they’d love to have me at their hotel, and that the winter blogger’s rate is $125 a night. (Remember, this is in Manhattan). Cool, I write back, and ask if I can book a room.

Not only do they give me a room. They have an upgrade available to a suite. So now I’m in heaven. But we don’t stop there.

They throw a TWEETUP for all the Twitter folks who want to come by. (pictures start around here). This is hosted by their other social media star, Brian Simpson, who between the two of us, gathered up quite a crowd of folks to an event where they bought the drinks, and where we had a little space just for us.

Why Do This?

Some of you already know the answer. Where will I stay the next time I go to New York? Who did I talk about every time someone asked me where I’m staying? Heck, I even brought them into my presentation at the O’Reilly Tools of Change event.

Heck, I even shot a video of my room!

So, ask yourself: if you could equip your customers to be excited, passionate carriers of your story, why wouldn’t you try a few things and see what worked?

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