Can Social Media Save a Local Business?

John Andrews from Simply Gourmet Grand Opening John Andrews runs the Simply Gourmet Bistro and Groceria in Peabody, Massachusetts. I was fortunate enough to attend a grand opening ceremony the other day, and sample some of his amazing hot food.

John’s situation is like a lot of other small businesses. Things are tight, and he really needs more business to stay afloat. For those of you in Massachusetts, swing by and visit John at 297 Lynn St, Peabody, MA 01960 or call (978) 530-1100. For those of you on Facebook, check out the fan page.

But seriously, is there anything that we could do with social media that would save John’s business?

I really don’t know. Because if you don’t live near John (and I don’t really), I can’t buy his food often enough to keep him funded. If you do live near him, as @CharJTF from Twitter does, you already know about him.

So how would you help John?

And, some pictures:

Simply Gourmet Ribbon Cutting
Char James-Tanny at Simply Gourmet Grand Opening
Vera Simply Gourmet Grand Opening
Simply Gourmet Grand Opening
Simply Gourmet Grand Opening
Vera From Simply Gourmet Grand Opening

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