College Student Twitters Arrest in Egypt

“Arrested.” That’s what 29 year old James Karl Buck sent from his phone out to the world via Twitter the other day. It seems Buck was snapping photos of a demonstration, and police collected him up and put him in jail.

It turns out that his message on Twitter caused his network of friends to reach out, call around, and get people mobilized to help. There’s tons more to the story.

Greg Barnett sent me a message on Twitter reporting this news article about James Karl Buck. Steve Rhodes from Twitter sent me the link to Buck’s website. **UPDATE: Buck is @jamesbuck on Twitter, and his Flickr photos are here. (All those updates come from @tigerbeat / Steve Rhodes).

What’s important about this story? Everything. Twitter has a powerful ability to move people to action, to deliver help where it’s needed, and more. If a messaging platform can free a man from prison, what else can it do for YOU?

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