Come see Rob Hatch and Me at the InfusionSoft Event in Denver

InfusionSoft Rob Hatch and I are headed to Denver to speak about Small Biz Big Things with our friends from InfusionSoft. We’re talking about The Business of Belonging: How I Built My Media Empire. It’s fun, because not only will we talk about the goals of the organization, but we’ll give a lot of behind-the-scenes information on how we were able to accomplish all we’ve managed to get done.

The way they talk about it on the site is that we were successful because of the tools. We agree. And also, we were successful because we learned how to nurture our community and build relationships that these tools allowed us to really communicate to people in a way that let them know we appreciated their connection, and that we wanted to ensure we were being as helpful as possible. to their goals.

We’ve got a lot to talk about in this session. There really isn’t any fluff to be had. We’ll talk about how the tools we used (InfusionSoft) let us really get where we intended to go with our business, and how it’s building our future success, as well. I’ll present a lot of this on stage, mind you, but if you’re smart, you’ll seek out Rob Hatch as he’s done a lot of the execution to make these ideas work, and it’s been his mindset around how to make little sequences that encourage our community to feel a “warm touch” and to respond.

Meet me in Denver for this event. Want to learn more? Go HERE.

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