Comfort is the Enemy

Chris Brogan All of my work seems to be pointing to the same direction lately. People are struggling. They’re running out of time, running out of money, running out of motivation. If I’m to take everyone at their word, they’ve “tried everything” and “nothing works.” And yet, what I see, more and more, is that “good enough” or “you tried” or “why work so hard” are gaining momentum in every direction.

Comfort is the Enemy

The economy isn’t why people aren’t buying your product or service. Your competition isn’t why people aren’t buying your product or service. YOU are the answer. But the challenge that everyone faces with this information is the same: ‘so what do I do now?’ And the problem is that the answer is almost always “work really hard,” and that’s when people tune out.

Do You Know Why There’s a HUGE Diet INDUSTRY?

There are a gazillion diet books and health books and pills and treatments and cures out there. Do you know what really works, if you’re fat? Hard work. Better eating. A shift from willpower to discipline. But no one wants that answer. Everyone wants the cure. “I’ve tried six different programs like the one you’re promoting, and none of them worked.” No, you didn’t work.

But it’s “rude” to say that. It’s “rude” to tell someone that they need to work harder.

But I Work So Hard Already!

You probably work a lot of hours. Are you working hard? Most of us can’t honestly answer that “yes.” Or rather, we might believe the answer is “yes,” but we’re mistaking “frenzied” with “hard.” Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re working. Believe me, I know. I’ve done the “really busy” thing like anyone else. But then I realized just how much of it wasn’t income producing, how much of it wasn’t in support of the business. And that shifted everything.

Mindset, Fuel, and a Path

In my recent, Get On the Path webinar (now available on demand), I outlined that there were three basic elements to how I’ve been able to battle past comfort, complacency, and the fog of work, and get onto the right path. It required work. I worked on my mindset (learning how to improve discipline, how to master my time, how to work from a simple but repeatable sales process), on my fuel (what I ingest mentally, spiritually, and physically to keep me strong enough to do what this takes), and a path (actually nailing down the core mission of my work so that everything I did in my life was aligned to this mission, which then drives execution, teaches me what game to play or make, and then how to map my actions to that day.

It’s not one element, but all three: Mission, Fuel, Path. And that’s how I’m battling comfort, how I’m working every day on my mission-driven goals, and how this work has all turned around to make everything work for the people I serve (that’d be you).

If you missed the webinar, it’s an hour well spent. Give it a peek here to see if it could help you succeed.

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