Commuter Feed-Twitter as a Platform

commuterfeed Twitter as a platform is one of my favorite things to consider. Why? Because what Twitter has created has spawned so many interesting, sometimes useful, and always creative extensions. In this case, Christopher S. Penn and Dave Fleet both shared an item in my feed reader from Biz Stone off the Twitter blog pointing this out. So, uh, hat tips all around.

Commuter Feed has a Twitter account named Commuter. Twitter users can send @ messages to Commuter, and with the right formatting, these will go to the appropriate commuter page.

Syntax: @commuter(space)airport designation(space)message.

Okay, it’s a little tricky, and not all areas are covered yet (It’s US-centric, but hey, go model it for your traffic coverage in Singapore and India!), but I think it’s a neat way to see how Twitter can be used.

As some of you know, my typical commute is nearly 2 hours one way on congested days, so you can rest assured that I’ll be contributing to the Boston traffic reports for outside of the city.

What do you think? What’s your favorite use of Twitter as a platform? Are you part of Club140? Do you send news to the Truemors Twitter News Network by way of @truemors? What do you think of Twitter as a platform?

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