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Hats off to Bertucci’s (of all places) for shooting this really compelling pre-roll ad. Think about this. The ad runs for about 2 minutes as pre-roll. Now, because YouTube is smart, they let me click off after about 5 seconds, but Bertucci’s started with something funny and out-take-like at the VERY BEGINNING that set a tone (which, by the way of my only complaint, never really stayed in that vein of funny). I watched the whole commercial, which ended up being tips on how to handle herbs at home.

What did I take away? I found myself thinking, “Huh, so Bertucci’s wants me to realize that they have real chefs and that these people are food professionals, and I got all that. But what I really love is that they made me the hero, by teaching me how to deal with herbs at my own house.”

That’s what I thought.

See the whole commercial here:

Can’t see the video? CLICK HERE

To me, there’s a lot of value in picking apart what Bertucci’s is doing here. But also interesting, note that YouTube lets me +1 a pre-roll advertisement now (which I did). That’s interesting. I bet that will really get some play, should YouTube actually send people those metrics in reports. Don’t you agree?

What do you think? Am I giving them too much credit? I think they’re onto something here.

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